Martin Fox began photography alongside his 27 year- career as a hairdresser. Fusing the experience and knowledge of both, Martin creates unique, bold and innovative imagery. His photographs have been published in Hairdressers journal and Professional hairdresser as well as other internationally established magazines such as Mode, Estetica and passion. Martin’s images of Pete Tong,s helped provide the artwork for Wonderland , the Ibiza nightclub. While also working alongside other creatives such as Goldie(" Apocolypse Angel", "Kids are All Riot") Perou and Jack Eames.
Martin's style is a fusion of Victorian classic elegance fused with a raw street edge , his editing is colourful but a depth rarely seen , medium format being the Martin's original method has led into an engagement with the model or subject , although now mainly shooting in digital , his narrative approach comes across beautifully in the stories his images create.

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